Tresor’s interests stem from the act of being influenced by contemporary culture via the media and film aesthetics.
From an early age she remembers wanting to be like the women she saw in the movies and even to this day tries to capture their aesthetics' in her daily life.
Her works are a self-discovery and general critique of how one is influenced by questionably too much plurality within contemporary culture.

Throughout her colorful, figurative, and experimental works she aims to seek how the spectacle (defined by Guy Debord) is evident within social media.
This journey comes from having grown up in the internet age and how that has shaped her personality through influences, also provoking the viewer to contemplate their own sense of self amongst mass mediated life.

Amanda Montell’s novel introduced Tresor to the idea of the “Halo Effect” which influenced the idealisation of the figures within her work, especially being females as she uses the term “mother” (a sort of female god girls looks up too) in celebrity belief by “stans” (stalker fans).

Tresor utilise’s her framework to discuss the out-of-control behavior the media and celebrity idealisation has caused within society especially for teenage girls. Having corrupted their beliefs to be let down from unrealistic expectations.  

Through this practice, she critiques and explores the parasocial nature of contemporary culture and how media and glamourisation can shape an individual's personality.


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